HART Sp. z o.o.

Hart company was founded in 1990. We offer a selection of wholesale auto parts, motorcycle parts. We also package such parts under private brands HART and M-Line. Our offer is addressed to automotive industry workshops and retail establishemnts.

Our main advantages

- 350 000 references covering most vehicle makes
- 50 000 m2 of warehouse space in 21 branches
- completion of 95% of orders
- convenient goods delivery forms to customers throughout Poland
- modern IT system
- professional trainings
- attractive discount system for customers

Automotive industry specificity requires professional and fast service from shops and workshops. Selecting right parts while navigating through tens of thousands of different components necessitates use of appropriate software. Therefore, we have developed a solution to support customers in the parts selection process and provided a system which allows to make purchases electronically. Our Ordering Page allows our customers to do this via their web browser. Companies that decided to use our solutions are customers with turnover ranging from several hundred to hundreds of thousands PLN a month.

Our software, HART2000, just like our Online Ordering System website, allows to place orders remotely, manage and view documents, and receive invoices and freshest offers. These tools also support our customers at worshops, retail and wholesale shops, by offering them assistance in selecting required parts, which largely improves the efficiency of these companies.